Take action

Always report a suspicious situation! Exploitation means that persons are forced to work against their own will and that they are victims of violence, deception, fraud or abuse through human trafficking or sexual exploitation.

1. Observations or suspicion:

 Did you happen to see suspicious activity? Then call our hotline or fill in the contact form and describe what you saw. We can help.

2. To make an anonymous report, call our emergency number at 0840 212 212:

If you would like to report anonymously please make sure to provide us with as many details as possible. We will not be able to make any further inquiries or call backs because your number and email address will remain undisclosed. After placing your report, no further action is required. ACT212 will process the information and forward the report to the appropriate social and legal authorities.

3. To make a report:

 We can offer you advice and connect you with organizations and institutions.