Statistics on human trafficking in Switzerland

There are no accurate numbers on how many people are affected in Switzerland. It is to be assumed that the official statistics only grasp what can be considered the tip of the iceberg. (cf. police criminalistics, statistics on sentences, statistics on victim support, statistics of NGOs) 

Switzerland is no island. The country is used as a transit and final destination, and is therefore affected by human trafficking and exploitation.

The most common forms of human trafficking and exploitation are: 

Numbers on crimes of human trafficking and the facilitation of prostitution reported by the Swiss police.

The national actionplan against human trafficking

The federal Swiss justice and police department published the new National Actionplan against human trafficking in October 2016, which will be effective until 2020. You can find the Nactional Actionplan here: NAP_2017 (in German)

During the UN human rights convention on the 11 October 2017 the Swiss task group presented their recommendations regarding the necessary steps for an effective suppression of human trafficking in Switzerland.

Official Numbers / Statistics