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Readings on  the «Loverboy-Method»

My Loverboy part 1 – 4, Vanessa Mayer (in german)

My Loverboy, my panderer, his depraved character and his appalling tricks (series of in 4 volumes)

Read the touching novel of Vanessa Mayer, alias “Naomi”, who as a minor found herself trapped in the grip of a brutal and ruthless pimp. Come along as Vanessa shares her story and witness what she had to experience, endure and suffer through. Find out more about the perfidious system of her panderer and try to understand how Vanessa blundered into such conditions. Brace yourself! The first part tells the story of how Vanessa encountered her friend and later pimp. 
Vanessa: "I am sure, that not everyone will like this book. That is why I wrote it!" 

Original Title: My Loverboy: Mein Zuhäter, sein verkommener Charakter und seine miese Tricks
Publisher:  Independently published
ASIN: B07DL3ZL2C / order directly from Amazon (Kindle edition)
Copyright: Euklido Life Sciences GmbH, Berlin 2019

Just a child – Sammy Woodhouse 

Britain's Biggest Child Abuse Scandal Exposed. A chilling and heartbreaking story of how a trusting young girl survived and ultimately brought down the Rotherham child sexual exploitation ring.

Sammy Woodhouse was 14 when she became the victim of grooming. After escaping, Sammy had the courage to blow the whistle on child sexual exploitation in Rotherham, prompting the Jay Report that identified at least 1400 victims, and culminating in a high-profile court case that saw her abuser jailed for 35 years.

Verlag: Kings Road Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-78870-007-8 / order directly by Loot Online

And Suddenly You Are His – Merel v. Gronigen   (in german)

Merel is fifteen years old when she gets to know Mike. She falls in love with him – who cares that he is so much older than her, that he has a criminal background and dubious friends. She has nothing but stress at home and Mike is the one who catches her. Blinded by love, Merel does not notice what Mike’s plans are. Once again short on money, Merel herself starts to believe that there is no other way but to sell herself…

Original Title: Und plötzlich gehörst du ihm...
Edition: Bastei Lübbe
ISBN : 978-3-404-60006-9 / order directly from Orell Füssli 

The love scam – Helene Vreeswijk (in german)

Lisa, 15, could hardly believe her luck, when good looking Mo fell in love with her. The 22 - years old student lavished her with expensive gifts and always listened to her problems hat stets ein offenes Ohr für ihre Probleme. She avoided the fact that Mo dealt with drugs. More important was, that he loved her. She had never heard of loverboys, whose love advances are nothing but a trick to lure girls into prostitution…

Original Title: Die Masche Liebe
Publisher: Loewe-Verlag
ISBN: 978-3-7855-6680-0 / order directly from Orell Füssli 

Readings on trafficking in human beings

A manual of sexualized violence  - Jan Gysi and Peter Rüegger (in German)

A broad manual with articles of specialists from all three German speaking countries. It covers topics such as strategies of perpetrators, the reactions of victims, therapy, investigation, the procedure of taking evidence, the main proceedings in court, trauma therapy, prevention etc.

Original Title: Handbuch sexualisierte Gewalt
Publisher: Hogrefe AG
ISBN 978-3-456-88658-2 / order directly from Orell Füssli 

Paid for: My Journey through Prostitution  – Rachel Moran

“The best work by anyone on prostitution ever, Rachel Moran’s Paid For fuses the memoirist’s lived poignancy with the philosopher’s conceptual sophistication. The result is riveting, compelling, incontestable. Impossible to put down. This book provides all anyone needs to know about the reality of prostitution in moving, insightful prose that engages and disposes of every argument ever raised in its favor.” ―Catharine A. MacKinnon, professor of law, University of Michigan and Harvard University

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN-13: 978-0393351972 / order directly by Amazon

A Crime So Monstrous: Face-to-Face with Modern-Day Slavery – Benjamin Skinner

To be a moral witness is perhaps the highest calling of journalism, and in this unforgettable, highly readable account of contemporary slavery, author Benjamin Skinner travels around the globe to personally tell stories that need to be told -- and heard. 

As Samantha Power and Philip Gourevitch did for genocide, Skinner has now done for modern-day slavery. With years of reporting in such places as Haiti, Sudan, India, Eastern Europe, The Netherlands, and, yes, even suburban America, he has produced a vivid testament and moving reportage on one of the great evils of our time. 

Publisher: Free Press
ASIN: B0015S85W6 / order directly by amazon

Crime Scene Germany– Manfred Paulus (in German)

Manfred Paulus (1943) was the first chief superintendent and chief inspector with the Criminal Investigation Department in Ulm (Germany), as well as instructor at the police academy in Baden-Württemberg (Germany). He has over 15 years of work experience in investigating red-light district related crimes, he is known as a specialist in the delicate field of human trafficking, and has lead investigations with a focus on human trafficking in Thailand. On behalf of the European Union he researched cause and conditionality of the trafficking of women in Belarus.
In the republic of Vltava and Belarus he leads prevention programs and gives seminars on the topic of the trafficking of women.

Original Title: Tatort Deutschland Menschenhandel
Publisher: Klemm
ISBN: 978-3-86281-070-3 / order directly from Orell Füssli 

Human Trafficking and Forced Prostitution in Switzerland 
Dr. iur. Caroline Baur-Mettler (in German)

Switzerland received critique because legal prosecution of human trafficking and encouraging of prostitution is usually sentenced without an absolute custodial sentence. Is the prevailing case law concerning human trafficking really effective? Are corresponding sentences too mild or are there pitfalls in the system of our legal proceedings that can be identified? Answers can be found through the analysis of case law in the field of human trafficking and encouraging of prostitution of the years 2007-2011.

Enough descriptions of the miserable living conditions of victims of human trafficking exist already. Do only women with disastrous backgrounds get exploited? Or are maybe all prostitutes victim of human trafficking? Numerous interviews held with prostitutes and victims of human trafficking allow for scientifically based evidence to be revealed.

Original Title: Menschenhandel und Zwangsprostitution in der Schweiz
Publisher: Schulthess-Verlag
 ISBN 978-3-7255-7105-5 / order directly from Schulthess Verlag